Will TOP Auction Break Records Today?

Oct 29, 2020


TOP is being swap with ETH in it’s own native auction platform. Investors from all over the world took a grab of their ticket to the moon as the auction started.

TokenSwap concluded successfully its First round TOP Auction in a short span of time. Second round TOP Auction has been launched on 16th October, with 220,000TOP against 550ETH.

If you missed last round, here comes another chance today, with 18000TOP(1ETH=360TOP) ready for pre-sale. The pool will be also closed in 24 hours. The TOP that are not Auctioned within 24 hours will be permanently burnt, as always.

TOP will get listed on Uniswap and other exchanges following the second auction. Top total supply amounts to 10 million without any additional issuance.

Below displays the daily quota of TOP Auction:

10.16 1ETH=450TOP,Total 50ETH

10.19 1ETH=440TOP,Total 50ETH

10.20 1ETH=430TOP,Total 50ETH

10.21 1ETH=420TOP,Total 50ETH

10.22 1ETH=410TOP,Total 50ETH

10.23 1ETH=400TOP,Total 50ETH

10.26 1ETH=390TOP,Total 50ETH

10.27 1ETH=380TOP,Total 50ETH

10.28 1ETH=370TOP,Total 50ETH

10.29 1ETH=360TOP,Total 50ETH

10.30 1ETH=350TOP, Total 50ETH




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